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Model year: 2021
Number of cylinders: 8

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Modelljahr: 2021
Zylinderzahl: 8

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New 2020 Toyota Landruiser 4×4 BLS Ambulance:

Medical Equipment/Equipment:

1-person operated loading stretcher
Folding stretcher
Oxygen Cylinder with valve
Medical Regulator with flow meter and humidifier
Portable Suction Unit
Oxygen Mask
Oxygen outlet with piping and tubing
First AID Box
Syringes 10 mm,5 mm,3 mm
Neck Collar Adult
Respiration Face Masks
Roof Mounted IV Hook
Sharp Container

The price shown is the price for the ambulance including the medical ambulance equipment on the list. If you need any more equipment or if you don’t need medical ambulance equipment at all, feel free to ask for quotations separately.

SKU: 20155-2
Brand: Toyota
First registration: 01-01-2020
Mileage: 0 KM
Fuel type: Diesel
Model: VDJ78L 4.5 V8
Engine Power: 140 KW -195 HP
Cylinder: 8
Cylinder capacity: 2987 cc
Max. weight: 4461
Transmission: 5-SPEED M
Emission class: Euro 3

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Modeljaar: 2021
Aantal cilinders: 8


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Année de construction : 2020,
Référence parc : 11656684-AWD,
État : Neuf,
Cylindrée : 2987cm³,
Nombre de portes : 4,
Type de transmission : Mécanique,
Type de transmission : Handgeschakeld,
Type d'intérieur : Autre,
Type de pneus : Simples,
Puissance du moteur : 140kW
Address :
Hermesweg 15
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